Purposeful or withholding? Lies

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I hate being lied to.  It hurts, especially when it comes from someone you love, a relationship you cherish.  We are most vulnerable with those ones.  So, the lie feels like a betrayal, a stab to the hurt.  It feels like you don’t matter much to the person who lied to you.  For me, I just get quiet the next day.  That day (today) I feel the after effects.  I get an upset stomach.  I internalize.  So, I am writing to detoxify.

What about “just not telling”, does that count as a lie as well?  You bet.  Some lies are necessary, however.  For example, a surprise party you are throwing for a friend.  Secrets are needed.  I don’t mean those kind of lies.  I mean the ones purposely secretive and hidden.  It feels so violating.

Anger and sadness are understandable emotions to feel after being lied to by someone who matters so much to you.  Lies are ugly.  Lies hurt others and the person telling them.  Do we lie?

Where to go from the lying zone?  How do we rebuke internalizing our negative emotions?  We forgive.  We move on.  We don’t pay back a lie for a lie.  We are more careful who we give our hearts away to.  We unfortunately are less vulnerable and shut down a bit.  But, then we bounce back.  Eventually.  Being vulnerable is actually quite beautiful.  That is the part of me I do not want to lose when I feel hurt by a lie.

“The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”  Jeremiah 17:9

Being human and feeling all these amazing emotions can be overwhelming sometimes.  A brisk walk after work may be in order today.

I will move on, but hate feeling this way after being lied to.

Will you move on too?


My Happy Thought

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I received an e-mail about an hour ago that just made my day. I just had to share.  It was from my mother.

Her joy just radiates.

“Thanks for the great tip. Went to Curves and had a ball. I got there about 11:00 AM and there were about 6 older women about my age and a couple of them around 80 years old, which made me feel in the right group. They were so friendly and told me they were a bunch of huggers and loved to hug and gave great hugs and then they all came and hugged me and introduced themselves. They are hoping I come when they are there and said they have a lot of fun and goof off a lot but always get there workout done. They dance around like I did on the little squares and looked so cute doing it. They were such a friendly group and said sometimes they go to lunch afterwards but not too often, maybe once a month. As they left they each came and hugged me again and they all hugged each other. The trainer was terrific and I just really had a great time and had a good workout. Wow, it really is quite a good workout and uses all your muscles. Am looking forward to continuing and to the new friendships. What a great bunch of ladies and I know God was directing the whole thing since they fit my age level and silliness. I just loved it all. Thanks for introducing me to Curves.” –Ginger B.

The resistance used in the Curves program is especially excellent for combating osteoporosis. I love that my workouts do not hurt my neck or hurt me! I have herniated discs and other spine problems involving my neck from an automobile accident years and years ago, so I have to be very careful, and I stay away from weight use with my upper body. Rather, I use my own muscles for strengthening and resistance during their fantastic 30-minute cardio workout.

The overall benefits my mother is going to gain to her health by joining Curves are just immeasurable. This led me to think about relationships and how important it is to have some kind of belonging with others. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “belonging” as “a close or intimate relationship.” We as humans, need to belong. To one another, to our friends and families, to our culture and country, to our world. Isolation, loneliness and low social status can harm a person’s subjective sense of well-being, as well as his or her intellectual achievement, immune function and health.


Since I made changes to my fitness, nutrition and added Shakeology as part of my daily meals, I can testify to the amazing benefits I have received. I no longer have bilateral hip or bilateral feet/ankle pain that I was having on a daily basis from my rheumatoid arthritis. I have lost weight at a healthy level, not rapidly (sure to come back) from some quick fix diet or over-the-counter protein shake. I have made healthy lifestyle changes, I am making precious progress and I feel so good. This is why I would love to help you on your journey for success. I would feel honored, actually.

Accountability and belonging to one another is a healthy choice we all should make and Keep Choosing Consistency day in and day out.

Have a lovely weekend,


P.S. Please contact me at any time if you would like more personalized FREE coaching and take a look at Shakeology, which is something I cannot imagine ever going without in my life. I am putting the link to the ingredients here:

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