What If’s

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It seems to me, at least this morning, that worry equates to “what if’s.”  I have been fortunate in my life in that I have never lost someone  intimately close to me before.  Everyone I love is living, including my 94 year-old grandmother.

Things are changing, because I am getting older.  So is everyone else.

My step father was recently placed on hospice.  The inevitable is coming, and it could be any time.  I will be flying to Oregon in two weeks to spend time with my mother and my step father, also helping out any way I possibly can during these four days.

I have been filled with worry for my mother.  All the what if’s.  Like, what if my step father passes while I am there?  What if my mother completely falls apart?  I am very concerned about her living alone so far away in their little house in the country.  You know, all the important what if’s.  Of course, they are all important, right?

But…God.  I was reminded this morning by His heart nudging mine that He is God regardless of what is going on.  He is faithful.  He provides.  He does not change.  He is good and He knows the future.  He is God and He changes not.  My job (our job) is to remind ourselves, nourish our own souls by these truths (His truths) and to rest in His care, His promises.


I am leaving my “what if’s” in His hands this morning.  This is a continual, daily process.  A choice I must make.  He changes not.  He has never failed me before (nor anyone else I know) and He never will.  We can go through our lives worrying and fretting, praying and picking up the burdens again, but regardless, God is God and He is faithful.  Our jobs are to remind ourselves, “work out our salvation,” feed our spirits with His truths and trust that He has everything under control that concerns us and those we love.


Spiritual Health

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This morning I am tired. We all have those days where we feel overwhelmed. This is one of those days already for me. I woke feeling the weight of the day on my shoulders before I even got out of bed.

Usually when I feel this sense of heaviness I have neglected my spiritual and emotional health. If our tank runs empty we have nothing to draw from.

I would encourage everyone to take AT LEAST 15 minutes each day to have some quiet time for reflection, meditation and prayer. Use another 15 minutes for journaling, reading reflection and devotional nourishment. 30 minutes each day for our spiritual and emotional health is vital for our overall well-being. Our souls are important and need to be fed too, not just our bodies.

So stop what your doing right now and take a few moments to give thanks for all the blessings in your life. Take a moment to present your requests for the day for yourself and others in prayer. Really smell that flower and savor all the details. Brush your cats, play with your dog, take an extra minute longer to physically embrace your spouse and family.

Nourish yourself in whole balance and Keep Choosing Consistency,