Friday night journal…

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I am so excited to shut off my computer today at 5:30!  I am also really excited that today is Friday!  Better yet, it is raining and I have a fireplace.  A perfectly cozy Friday night is in store for me!

I have never in my life tried Yoga.  I received my very first gentle Yoga DVD in the mail this week and am going to try it out this evening.  30 minutes to stretch and unwind after a long, long day.  (I will be coming back to talk about this DVD next week.)

Tonight I am also going to splurge and have a nice glass of chardonnay while soaking in the hot bath after Yoga.  A cup of Trader Joe’s Organic Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Soup topped with some oyster crackers for dinner, then time reading my book with pillows propped all around me in bed afterwards.  Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?  I just have not decided which order I am going to do all these lovely activities!

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday night too!  Keep Choosing Consistency for the nurturing of YOU,


Dust off!

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If there is no struggle, there is no progress.
~Frederick Douglass

In looking back, I can see so many struggles within my struggle to finally make a firm choice to change my lifestyle habits. I personally do not believe radical changes make for lasting progress. Usually it is the baby steps which do get us there. Really absorb each healthy choice you make and journal your progress. Journaling will help remind you on the difficult days. And, there will be difficult days. I believe each person’s journey holds a different time frame of struggle until we finally break through the obstacles holding us back.

There will be days when we fall back into old habits. Do not let these define you or cause you to feel defeated in your goals. Most importantly, give yourself grace! Be especially kind to yourself. New lifestyle changes are replacing unhealthy past habits. Instead, let these fall-backs be motivators to dust yourself off and begin again. Every positive choice you make for your overall health does not go wasted. Never. It truly is amazing how neglecting ourselves becomes easier and quicker to identify once we have stepped into healthy living.

Did you have a binge meal or a few too many glasses of wine? Journal how you felt the next day. Then re-hydrate yourself with water and green tea. Get back on tract with eating those foods which are good for you.

How did you feel going a day without some exercise? May be take a nice 30 minute walk the following day to step back into your regime and journal how you felt afterwards.

Lastly, has your schedule been so insane (like mine can be!) that you have neglected to take some time to relax with your favorite book, enjoy your hobby or really share quality time with family and friends? What about some quiet time with God?


Pencil in some time today for some relaxation and Keep Choosing Consistency,


Spiritual Health

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This morning I am tired. We all have those days where we feel overwhelmed. This is one of those days already for me. I woke feeling the weight of the day on my shoulders before I even got out of bed.

Usually when I feel this sense of heaviness I have neglected my spiritual and emotional health. If our tank runs empty we have nothing to draw from.

I would encourage everyone to take AT LEAST 15 minutes each day to have some quiet time for reflection, meditation and prayer. Use another 15 minutes for journaling, reading reflection and devotional nourishment. 30 minutes each day for our spiritual and emotional health is vital for our overall well-being. Our souls are important and need to be fed too, not just our bodies.

So stop what your doing right now and take a few moments to give thanks for all the blessings in your life. Take a moment to present your requests for the day for yourself and others in prayer. Really smell that flower and savor all the details. Brush your cats, play with your dog, take an extra minute longer to physically embrace your spouse and family.

Nourish yourself in whole balance and Keep Choosing Consistency,