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Tuesday – Healthy Egg Breakfast

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Why not treat your family to a healthy and filling egg breakfast this week?  Add a mug of green tea sweetened with your favorite honey. Kids would surely enjoy these for dinner too…just add a side salad or your favorite vegetable.  YUM!


Fresh Healthy English Muffin Breakfast Pizzas with Egg


  • 4 healthy whole grain English muffins
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 8 medium fresh tomato slices
  • 4 large hard boiled eggs
  • 1/4 cup shredded healthy mozzarella cheese
  • Oregano or Italian seasoning mix
  • Kosher salt


These delicious breakfast pizzas are bound to be an instant favorite. After all, whose kids don’t want to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner? The great thing about these pizzas is that you can make them delicious and nutritious by using whole grain muffins and topping those with fresh-sliced tomatoes and low-fat mozzarella cheese. These are also a great break from the ho-hum routine of bland breakfast foods. Want to try something that POPs?!? These miniature treats are just the ticket.

Cooking Directions

  1. Cut English-muffin into halves and toast in toaster.
  2. Remove from toaster and place them on an un-greased cookie sheet.
  3. Lightly brush or sprinkle them with the olive oil. 4. First layer is fresh tomato slices
  4. Next, slice the hard boiled eggs and add on top of tomatoes (1/2 an egg per muffin).
  5. Top with healthy low-fat mozzarella.
  6. Sprinkle with oregano and/or kosher salt to taste.
  7. Put the cookie sheet on the middle-high rack and broil 3 and 1/2 minutes until the cheese melts (slight browning is OK).

Nutritional Value

Calories:272 Fat:12g Protein:12mg Fiber:4g Cholesterol:217mg Iron:2mg Sodium:380mg Calcium:94mg

Different Day, Different Choices, Different Results!

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Well, yesterday was an overall epic failure for me!  But, I can look back and pinpoint every single factor that contributed to just feeling awful.

First of all, I missed my morning workout.  I had too much work and also school homework to catch up on.  My desire to walk in the evening (because I had missed my morning workout) was also unsuccessful. There is a complete difference in how I feel overall when working out in the morning that lasts for the entire day.  Additionally, moving is a must for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (me!).

Secondly, I had a glass too many of white wine…with Mexican food for dinner!  I just binged and right after dinner I felt bloated, too full and just miserable.

Needless to say, the rest of the night until morning I had an upset stomach (too much food) and felt utterly run down.  I pushed myself to the gym this morning feeling physically terrible.  But, maintaining consistency is what my journey is all about, and it certainly is a journey.

What I learned once again: I should have worked out yesterday.  I should not have had that extra glass of wine with dinner. And, I definitely should have cut my burrito in half rather than consuming the entire thing!

Today is a new day!  I started the day with my 40 minute cardio workout followed by a Shakeology with a mixture of fresh berries added.  Morning snack was a pear and a slice of roasted chicken breast.  Lots and lots of water all day long.  Lunch was a spinach salad mixed with 1/2 an avocado and a small Persian cucumber, topped with a bit of Balsamic dressing and a hot cup of green tea.  Dinner will be a small roasted chicken breast in olive oil/Soyaki and a small portion of quinoa mixed with some sauteed squash.  I will have another cup of green tea before bed.

I must say I feel stronger today, I am not aching like yesterday, I have more energy and just overall feel fabulous.

Splurges are not always worth the pain and suffering afterwards.  We can all take a flex meal (splurge) each week to keep us motivated in our healthy lifestyles or if you are braver than I, take an entire day to flex.  That is an individual choice.  I would urge you to journal how you feel if you choose to have a flex day or flex meal implemented in your weekly nutrition.

The journey is part of our lives to Keep Choosing Consistency,