Some Motivation makes no sense

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I came across this motivational picture this morning and it really cracked me up!


The first things that came to mind for me were dentists, sharks, tidal waves and tornadoes.  Really?  These things could make me happiest?  It think not!

However…then I remembered something pretty exciting from my day yesterday.  I had a very special engagement to attend (I will blog on this later!) and all my jeans were in the hamper.  I have two closets: one for the clothes I used to be able to wear and one for the clothes I am wearing now or those that run a little bigger.  I am still on this journey to lose unhealthy fat and I have not reached my goal yet, but I am definitely making progress!  I wondered about the ONE pair of jeans I knew I could not even button and thought may be I could wear a big sweater to hide beneath if ONLY I could get them past my thighs.  I was afraid to even try, but I did.  And guess what!  “Sometimes the things that you are most afraid are the very things that make you the happiest!”  Not only did these particular jeans fit, I had to wear a belt with them!

I contribute this happy jean moment (and day!) to implementing Shakeology into my daily regime.  I feel better, I have more energy, I feel fuller and satisfied after my shake, and my cravings for things like chips, dips, salty foods and certain sweets have disappeared.

Some motivation makes no sense, but if you think about it, usually such truths make all the sense in the world!

Keep Choosing Consistency and think about adding some Shakeology to your diet…you will be delighted and surprised when you can get into your old jeans too!


Keep on Juicing

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Did you know that every cell in our body has a lifespan? Dead cells are constantly being replaced with new ones. Over the course of the next 7 years, literally every cell in our body will be regenerated. New cells often contain small errors and THIS is why we age. The errors in our cells increase with the amount of free radicals we take in on a daily basis. Smoking, drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy foods speed up the aging process and put us on fast track to developing disease and illnesses.

Fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods naturally contain compounds known as antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals and protect our cells from further damage. Being healthy, and most importantly, the process of digesting and utilizing healthy foods, slows down the aging process so we can enjoy every day to the fullest.

The vast majority of certain diseases such has heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke and cancer, can be directly attributed to the consumption of the “western diet,” which consists of too many processed foods that are high in sugar and salt and too few fruits and vegetables. It seems that we have forgotten wheat we learned in grade school science class, that we are made up of cells and that cells need only 3 simple things to survive: food, water and air.

Many people dislike the taste of many types of vegetables and so many people also assume the cost of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables far surpass prepackaged or processed foods easily found through your local grocery store or available through a drive-through window at your local McDonald’s. I cannot express how untrue these facts are! Recently I had to perform a comparison assignment in my math class showing the difference in costs between fresh and prepackaged food items and I was shocked at the amount I paid for food items found in the frozen food aisle versus fresh produce I assumed was more costly. Do the math yourself and see the difference!

Juicing is something everyone should implement into their daily lives, especially those who really do not care much for fruits or vegetables. I received the Nutribullet as a Christmas gift and use it daily for both my morning Shakeology shakes and additional fruit/vegetable/nut/grain shakes I experiment with for in between snacks and supplements to my meals. You will find your body will begin to crave healthy and fresh foods more and more, you will feel fuller and the benefits to your health are just priceless.  Image

Start adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet and drink your Shakeology shake daily. If you would like more information about Shakeology, please click on the Shakeology links above or side of my blog, and always feel free to contact me for any additional information you may want.

Keep on juicing for your health and Keep Choosing Consistency,


P.S. If you are interested in a high-quality juicer, here is the Nutribullet link:

From complete, total skeptic to complete, total believer!

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From total skeptic to total believer BECAUSE I know the benefits PERSONALLY and 100% support this product! Excellent video that says it all!


Challenge group starting for Monday, Feb 22nd! Excited! Almost filled up! Anyone else interested in what this is all about 😉

Car Pocket Sign Holder Thingie…

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According to the Urban Dictionary, a “thingie” is a noun for a non-specific term for anything.

Okay, today was the day I really wished I had my “car pocket sign holder thingie” all full and prepared. But, let me first define what this “thingie” is.

Several years ago I wished I had prepared signs for my car that I could randomly pull from to hold up and show drivers as they passed me or I passed them who were driving in a way that was irritating, dangerous or just plain rude. Today was the day I would have chosen the sign “thingie” that would have said, “You drive like an a**hole!”

All that is needed to make these signs is some cardboard or construction paper, even a cheap paper plate, Popsicle sticks, tape or glue, crayons, markers or even better yet BLACK PERMANENT MARKERS! Create and write many statements that reflect your feelings about really bad or rude drivers. Keep a nice little pocket folder “thingie” in your car and fill it with your home-made signs.

Great, therapeutic thought, don’t you think?

Actually, no. Not a good idea. A word of WARNING: in this day we do NOT want to engage in such behaviors as showing our “car pocket sign holder thingies” because of crazy people in the world who just may retaliate with a gun, knife, bomb or follow us, beat us up or slash our tires, steal our mail, rob our homes, whatever… BUT, the thought is incredibly therapeutic and a wonderful stress buster in dealing with idiot drivers out there.

Now, secondly and most importantly, this kind of behavior does NOT reflect integrity, and we need to and must choose this above all, first and foremost.

It may be helpful to go for a run, walk, do a work out, drink a cup of herbal tea, listen to some classical or relaxing music, read a soothing poem, but some of us may need more tangible activities to rid us of this kind of stress in dealing with terrible drivers or long hours on the road traveling. Then go ahead and make the sign or signs! Just DO NOT put them in your cars or share them with others! Do the activity, but put them away. Laugh and feel good afterwards!

Again, sharing our “pocket sign holder thingies” will not help us, others or our world, but creating them can be a fantastic stress buster!!!

What are your thoughts on this? I sure enjoyed making my one and only sign this afternoon!  (You all know the one I chose, too!)

Above all, Keep Choosing Consistency in living a life of integrity,